London {Part 2}

SATURDAY, February 22nd, Matt and I woke up early and met up with the ward in the lobby of the hotel. We divided up into our various cars and drove 10 minutes to the temple. We had originally planned on doing a session but ended up helping out in the baptistry instead. This was my first time being on the other side of baptisms. It was really neat to watch the youth serve in the temple.


Afterward, Matt and I had a couple minutes to walk the grounds of the temple. This temple, like all temples, is beautiful. I especially loved the grounds. Everything was so green and the temple was so white. Here are some pictures we snapped on that gorgeous day:







The group then headed back to the hotel for a breakfast buffet. They served a traditional English breakfast along with all sorts of yummy food. We ate well. After breakfast, we drove back to the temple. Here we had a testimony meeting with the youth. I felt so blessed to be included in such a neat experience with the youth. It was a nice insight of what it means to being a member of the church outside of Utah. These young men and young women have so much faith and proudly wear it on their sleeves. I can learn a lot from them.

We ended up waiting for a couple hours outside the temple. This provided plenty of time for us to explore the visitors center and meet the missionaries serving there. Also, it was just fun to talk more with Anna and Myriam. Those Goreeba girls are too much fun!


Sustained by our big breakfast, a large bag of Snicker’s candy bars, and a bag of clementines, we finally packed in the car and headed back to Paris.

We again drove the car onto the Chunnel and crossed the English Channel back to France. Everything seemed to be going great until our car started lurching. We were just outside of Paris and the gas gage suddenly dropped from a quarter tank to empty! We attempted to make it to the nearest gas station. The car lurched off the exit and into a roundabout. We accidentally took a wrong turn and lurched up to the edge of where the big semi-trucks fill up. Everyone jumped out of the car and started pushing the car into the stall. Unfortunately, these stalls did not have an attachment for our car, just Semi’s. Thankfully, three Portuguese men helped us push the car back out and around to the “car side” of the gas station. The whole situation was hilarious! We felt so close yet so far away. At that point we could not really do anything but laugh. (And of course I took pictures while everyone else pushed the car…)


But, hey, we made it back to our humble abode safe and sound AND we had an awesome sightseeing/spiritual weekend in England. What more could we ask for?

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